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Cardboard Box Play

Cardboard boxes are a great open-ended resource that can be used in various different ways of play. 
The best kind of play with boxes is unstructured play giving your child the opportunity without an end result in mind.

Simply put out the box/s to initiate curiosity and let your child decide its use or give it to your child whilst they are already playing and watch them adapt there play to give the box its purpose.


Should you want to join in you could talk to your child and ask what they would like to make with the box.

Suggestions include:

Roads for cars or tracks for trains by laying the boxes out flat and drawing markings on them. By not laying them out flat you can bend and shape them to make hills and tunnels for the cars and trains to travel over and through.

Houses for dolls or small figures by using the flaps inside boxes to create levels and cutting out windows and doors.

Robot costumes by cutting a hole in the top of the box for your child’s head and holes in the sides for their arms. Place the box over your child’s head so it will fit through the hole and slide their arms through the holes at the sides. When you know it fits you can paint it or cover it with tin foil, drawing or sticking on cut out shapes for buttons and other gadgets.

Beds for dolls or teddies by providing cushions and materials for the children to organise.

Large constructions by building boxes on top of each other to create towers or using them to make boats or cars that the children can sit in. You can cut the boxes to make doors and add steering wheels. You can then paint or decorate the construction or car/boat however you wish.

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