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Queens Jubilee

1 June 2022

Queens Jubilee.jpg

Queens Jubilee Celebrations

We hope you all have the best bank holiday weekend

World Book Day

3 March 2022

World Book Day.jpg


"WOW! What a lovely day!"

Thank you to all of the parents for your efforts with such fantastic costumes.

It's been so lovely seeing all the children in true character, bringing their stories to life. We have enjoyed reading so many books and extending activities based around these stories today!

Chinese New Year

1 February 2022

Chinese New Year.jpg


At nursery, we help children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, through the seven areas of learning.

Within our curriculum we offer a range of activities that ignite curiosity, inspire learning and encourage children to explore the world around them

Today the children across all rooms were given opportunities to learn about and explore activities related to the Chinese New Year


17 December 2021

Santa Visit.jpg

Wow, what a morning

Today we had a very special visitor come to see the children at nursery

The children were very surprised when they heard Santa's bells coming into nursery.

Santa brought some presents for the children and joined in with singing some Christmas songs to get us into the spirit of Christmas

After Santa had been to see the children we enjoyed a lovely christmas dinner with all the trimmings

Merry Christmas

Christmas Cards for Poland

2 December 2021

Posting cards to Poland.jpg

One of our ladies (Ewelina) in toddlers is originally from Poland and she has connections with a Polish nursery where her friends work.

This Christmas we have created some cards together to send over to the children in their nursery. We used our creative skills to stick and glue some Christmas crafts to our cards and we also made them a calendar.

At group time we talked about where our cards were going and we packed them carefully into an envelope ready to send to the post office.

On Friday we took a trip to the post office with some of the children and posted our parcel to Poland.

On Monday we plan to have a video call with The Polish nursery to learn some Polish Christmas words.

Harvest Festival

8 October 2021

Harvest Festival.jpg

Thank you so much for all of your harvest donations!

My Nursery children have helped with making 3 trips to the foodbank to donate our nursery families harvest, donating 77kg of non perishable goods!

The Grantham Food Bank receives donations in the TONS each week, the donations are going back out as quick as they are coming in

During the Food Bank trips all children listened really well to our road safety instructions

Once at the Food Bank the children helped with unpacking the donations in to the Food Bank donation baskets, which are then weighed and packed by the Food Bank volunteers for the local community requiring support

The children were given a tour of the store and recognised loads of familiar foods that they like to eat, cereals, pasta, sauces, jams, bread...

Some children were also shown how the food weighing scales work

Thank you all again for all of your support and donations!

Metanoia Climate Festival

1 October 2021

Metanoia Climate Festival.jpg

Today we took a visit to St Wulframs Church to see the amazing piece of artwork 'Gaia', part of the Metanoia Climate Festival.

Some children from our Little Lions, Toddling Tigers and Big Bears rooms took part in the visit.

We took a lovely walk in the sun .

All children listened to our road safety instructions. During the walk the children saw cars, lorrys, shop windows and numbers. They waited patiently at traffic lights for the green man to instruct them to cross the road.

When the children arrived at the church they were amazed at how tall the church spire was. As they walked closer 'the church is getting bigger!'

Once inside the church the children had so much to say about what they could see. 'Its so big!' 'There's the sea!' 'I see clouds!' 'I can see where the penguins live!'

Park Trip

23 September 2021

Park trip.jpg

Our toddling tigers took the opportunity, to take a nice sunny walk to the park!

All children listened very carefully to the instructions that they were given prior to our walk and we are so very proud of how well they did!

We talked lots about what we could see and hear and waited very patiently at the roads for the green man.

In an extension of our learning this week regarding rubbish and where it belongs, we took a litter picker to pick up some litter on our travels. The children all had a turn with the litter picker and we placed the collected rubbish in the bin .

We used our senses, we smelt the flowers and spoke about the colours .

While we were in the park we sat and had a picnic, and a little play in the play area using our physical skills to pull ourselves up on the apparatus .

Well done Toddling Tigers!

Preschool Graduation 2021

15 August 2021


We would like to say a massive thank you to the lovely team members who helped plan, prepare and deliver at our graduation party the children had such a lovely day and we are forever grateful for all your love, support and hard work

Olympic Games

13 July 2021

Olympic games.jpg

My Nursery Olympic Games 2021

We celebrated Great Britain doing well in the olympics the past few weeks by doing our own Olympic Games! We had different races where we won ourselves some medals The children had lots of fun!

We did firstly a boat race where we had to blow the boats across the line in the water. We then did an egg and spoon race , after that a running race , then a stilts race, a shot put ( foam bricks) challenge and ended in a weight lifting challenge !

We celebrated receiving our medals by having a podium where we stood on ( 1st and 2nd) where the nursery major ( Lauren) handed them out alongside having a cheering crowd


11 July 2021


In full support of the England football team being in the final of the Euros 2020 the children have been taking part in lots of fun activities.

The children have enjoyed:

Playing football in the garden and having a game of 'penalty shootout'

Making our own flags to wave tonight during the game

Large scale drawing using chalk to draw the England flag on the floor and lots more.



7 July 2021


Our babies have been growing their own fruit and veg over the last few weeks. In the garden we have tomatoes , strawberries , brocolli and cauliflower

They have been watching they grow and helping to water them everyday.

Pre-school Committee

25 May 2021

Pre School Comittee Meeting.jpg

Today some of the children attended our first Pre-school committee meeting with our nursery manager Roxanne

They sat at a big table and had milk with special milkshake straws alongside some cookies and other snacks. They had clipboards and pens and a badge to say that they were on the committee today.

First the children were given the opportunity to draw one of their teachers or someone special to them They all did some excellent drawings and had their say about how they made them feel

We then asked the children some questions and had some discussions around these before concluding the meeting with a handshake and taking each child's photo too

It was so lovely talking to them all today and sharing their thoughts and we look forward to our next meeting with some of the other children!


The last Hungry Caterpillar heading up

12 May 2021


The little critters have been watered, and fed and have grown so big!

They've all began to move to the top! What will happen next?!

Caterpillars have arrived!

30 April 2021


The children are interested and excited to experience the life cycle of these little critters.

Earth Day

22 April 2021

Earth Day 2021.jpg

🌎 We have learnt about Earth Day 🌎

We spoke about how our world is a planet called Earth before looking at pictures of the Earth too 📍🌎

The children noticed that there were blue bits that were water and green bits that were land! 💚⛰️💙🌊

We painted pictures, discussed about looking after our planet and endangered species

The children spoke about how they could help by using the right bins and recycling rubbish.

We chalked a giant Earth onto the floor and the children were placing animals on either land or sea, depending on where they think they live.

🌎 Earth day was great fun. 🌎

My Nursery's 10th Birthday

1 April 2021


We have had such a lovely Easter themed 10th Birthday Celebration at nursery today! 🐰🥰🐰🥰🐰

We started our party with an Easter egg hunt in the garden 🥚 we then had some great party music 🎵 lots of bubbles 🎉 balloons and dancing! 💃🕺

For our morning snack we had some cupcakes and squash 🍰 on the picnics mats with our friends, and then....

We were very surprised with a visit from the Easter Bunnies 🐰🐰 who came along to give us a party bag with some bunny ears 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ colouring sheets 🖍  bubbles and a chocolate lolly! 🍫

It's been such a great day!! 🥰 Massive thank you to all the staff and children for a great day and lovely atmosphere! You are all super stars 🤩⭐💫

Easter Eggstraviganza

31 March 2021


So many fun easter activities have been carried out across the nursery this week.

Egg and spoon race and made some Easter hats! 👒


They did some hopping bunny songs in their hats 🐰 then after reading “We’re going on an Egg Hunt” 🐣 they all went on a parade, looking for some eggs!


Great practicing for when the Easter bunny comes this weekend! Make sure you hard boil your eggs for the races 🙈😂 but I'm sure you will all agree that their hats look fantastic 🤩

World Book Day

4 March 2021


We celebrated World Book Day 📖 by inviting the children to come into nursery dressed as their favourite book character ❤

Lots of stories were read to the children which encouraged lots of communication and language, this then followed with activities based around these stories.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by both staff and children.

Pancake Day

16 February 2021


🥞 Pancake Day 🥞

Across the rooms at welcome time we all spoke about the different things the children like to eat on top of their pancakes, 💬 following this they had a go at decorating their own for their snack 🥞

The children were able to make choices on their own toppings, after being given the option between 🍌 banana, 🍊 orange, 🍋 lemon, 🍚 a sprinkle of sugar or a 🍯 dollop of syrup.

💛 Pre school and toddler room explored some yellow, lemon scented playdough and created some pancakes by rolling and pressing to create shapes.

🍋 They added some lemon segments for the children to explore and create more scent as they wished.

🍯 We created some pancake day exploration trays and in pre school we added some cardboard pancakes with numbers on 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣ ....The numbers indicated how many flips they needed to do 🤩

🥞 The children were all able to watch the pancakes being made in the kitchen and watched as Roxanne flipped the pancakes in the pan. Luckily we managed to keep them all in the pan too 😅

Spa Days for Children's Mental health Week

5 February 2021


Following the children's interest in baby room's spa day and in support of Children's Mental Health week Pre-school held a spa day today!

The children were greeted with the smell of lavender and the sound of relaxation music 🌿🎵

They were able to soak their feet in the flower petal foot spa whilst having a nice foot massage from one of the ladies 👣

They enjoyed pretending to chill with their cucumber rounds 🥒 whilst drinking their chilled lemon and lime or orange infused water 🍋🍈🍊

They were all keen to try the nail bar this afternoon, where they had a hand massage and a splash of colour applied by Sarah... our very own qualified beautician 💅

The head rubs and hair styles were a hit in their hair salon 💆‍♀️💈👱‍♀️ and the tee-pee slumber lounge was a great place for them to chill ⛺ whilst reading story books with their friends 📚

And to top it off they finished their day with a relaxing yoga session 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ and star gazing under the projector! 💫🌠⭐🔭

We loved pampering them all today ❤ Our Nursery Spa Days made the local newspaper!

Solar System Theme

15 January 2021


This term we are learning about the solar system and all the planets ☀🌜🌍

We have been learning about the different colours of the planets and what each one is made out of. “This is a lighter orange” one of the children told us 🧡

This morning we focused on the Sun and Jupiter. We hung paper lanterns from the ceiling and the children helped to mix the correct colour paint for the planets.

We took it in turns to create our masterpiece planets “I want to do the sun, it’s orange with yellow spots” 🧡💛 someone decided.

The children found it difficult to paint them as they were spinning at every brush stroke. 🤔 They worked together and helped each other to figure out how to control the planet to stop it from spinning!

They had some great ideas 💡 “Let’s hold it underneath to keep it still” 😁

“I’m holding it underneath too” 🥳

The children spoke about the planet names and what sound they begin with, they repeated the sounds to each other.... “J,J, Jupiter”.... “S,S, sun” 🤩

Lockdown 3!

5 January 2021


As per the government update and our email yesterday evening, we are open today as normal offering our services to all our families 🥰

As you are aware all schools have been instructed to close, if you are choosing not to bring your children in, please can you call or email to authorise the absence as per our usual policy.

We have proudly remained open throughout this whole pandemic to support everyone we have been allowed to support 💪

We understand alot of you have questions, of which we will do our best to answer as soon as possible... we have followed the guidance all the way through and this is what we will continue to do ☺

So today, we welcome you with open arms and alot of love and care 🤗

As always, 'My Nursery' staff team you are all amazing and we thank you for your continued support 🤩

He Never Misses Nursery Christmas Dinner!

11 December 2020



Look who came to visit us today!!

Nursery Christmas Dinner!

11 December 2020


Turkey Time! 🦃

Nursery Christmas Dinner went down a treat! 🍗🥧

Christmas Cards to Poland

10 December 2020


Our Toddling Tigers room worked really hard on some festive cards to send to their new Pen Pals in Poland! And look....

We are very happy that the cards arrived so quickly and once again we wish all the children and staff of Milik School and Kindergarten, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎁🎄♥

Bardzo się cieszymy, że karteczki tak szybko doszły i jeszcze raz życzymy wszystkim dzieciom oraz pracownikom szkoły i przedszkola w Miliku, Wesołych Świąt oraz Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 🎁🎄♥

Kindness Elves!

1 December 2020


The kindness elves have landed in pre school today 🧝‍♀️🧝‍♂️

With so many families joining in with elf on the shelf, we decided to create our very own nursery elves to help promote positive relationships and support making good choices! 💫⭐

Our kindness elves will set little challenges each day, then observe and praise these positive moments to help reinforce good choices.

We cant wait to see our proud cloud and kindness tree full of December love and positivity!! 🥰

25 Sleeps to go!

30 November 2020


25 sleeps to go!! 🎅 Pre school are in the festive spirit already! 🎄

It's great to hear some of the children talk about decorating their Christmas trees over the weekends and enjoying the responsibilities of carrying out small tasks at home 🎄🎅🥰

In preschool, the children have been working together as a team to decorate trees with tinsel and baubles 🥰

Lockdown 2 Birthday Partys

19 November 2020



Happy Birthday to the children turning 4 this month and during lockdown.

Today we had a preschool birthday party so we could celebrate with our nursery friends dressed as superheros and princesses 🎉💖

Bonfire Night

5 November 2020


🔥 Bonfire Night 🔥

This year Bonfire night is looking a little different, but this hasn't stopped the Pre-school children learning all about it 💥

We started the morning by making a pretend bonfire using natural resources in the garden with seats all around it to enjoy our hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows!) ☕

Then we made yummy chocolate sparklers with sprinkles for snack in the morning and apple sticks for the afternoon. 🍏🍫

We have been extending this interest to create many learning opportunities to develop mark making, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination 💫🍂

We hope your little ones may have even seen or heard a few pops and bangs in the sky too 🎉

Halloween Play

22 October 2020


The babies have been in a world of awe exploring this pumpkin. The reactions were all so different 😅 some children really enjoyed exploring the slimy insides whilst others preferred to bash about with a spoon. Once exploring the insides we turned it into a shape shorter too 🎃


16 October 2020


We would like to say a massive thankyou to all our families who have donated to our food bank collection.

The children in preschool delivered our donations earlier this week and enjoyed handing it over.

Class of 2020 Pre-School leavers

22 August 2020


⭐ Class of 2020 Pre-School leavers ⭐

🎓 Although our nursery graduation is going to be slightly different this year, we are really looking forward to celebrating everyone's time at nursery 👶👦🧒

You have all grown into such fabulous little people and we cant wait for our little party with you 👩‍🎓🎉👨‍🎓 before you move on to big school 🏫🎒🥰

🌈 Graduation 2020

What a blast!

This year hasn't been as planned, and our graduation ceremony wasn't as it usually is. But we are so pleased we were able to have a Graduation party today for the children who are moving on to their next adventure 🏫🎒

We have loved looking after each and every one of you over the years and we wish you best of luck

Welcoming back Children

1 June 2020


Today we feel proud....

Proud of the staff team for taking everything in their stride as always 👣  For working together as a team 👨‍👧‍👦 For supporting each other in finding the new normal 🤩 for caring for all those fantastic little people the way they do and of course for all that cleaning and sterilising 😅

The children did amazing today, they had fun, played games, laughed lots and enjoyed their time with us 🥰

Thanks to you all, for your guidance and support ♥

Socially distanced Peppa Visit

21 April 2020


We have had a special visit at Nursery this morning!! The children were so excited to see Peppa Pig! And loved popping all her bubbles!

Thank you for visiting Peppa! 🐽

Nursery Butterflys

20 April 2020


During Lockdown the Nursery team and children still attending nursery hace continues to look after the Nursery Caterpillars 🐛

🤩🤩🤩 Look what has happened to our cocoon over night!! 🦋

Have you seen any butterflies in your garden yet? Can you tell us about them?   🦋 maybe you could make a butterfly feeder, or if you have some wild flower seeds to plant, our nursery butterfly might visit you! 🌺🌻🌼

🐛🐜🐞🦗🕷🐝 What other bugs have you seen or found?

Bugs live outside in all sorts of places! 🏡Have you got a bug habitat? If not, maybe you could collect some things and make a little one for us to see?

You could do a nature hunt first and collect things you can use  🌿🍂🍃🍁🍀🌳 like sticks, twigs, straw, grass, bricks, plant pots, terracotta pieces, stones, leaves, bark and all sorts of other natural treasures! 💛💰🌟

⭐ but remember just have FUN! ⭐

Birthday Party during Lockdown

16 April 2020


It's very difficult to celebrate special occasions during this time, and whilst it's not as planned or expected it's nice to celebrate as best we can 🥳

We missed the bundles of children, and all our staff team, but yesterday at nursery we had a little Paw Patrol Birthday Party for one of the children.

We had jelly and ice cream for snack, dressed as paw patrol characters, sang Happy Birthday with cakes and candles, had some birthday songs and dancing alongside lots of fun on the nursery bouncy castle! 🍰🎂🎉🎈

We felt so pleased we were able to help celebrate this special occasion at such a difficult time 🥰

Story Reading throughout Lockdown

24 March 2020



Here at my nursery were always looking at ways we can support families and keep a smile on the children's faces. Stories are a key stepping stone to support opportunities for children's development and learning and thought how better could we support this than by reading stories to them online. Hope you enjoy our first story 'dear zoo'.


Keep checking our Facebook page lots more exciting stories to come

The Nursery Ladies staying safe at home read over 40 virtual stories, being shared over the nursery Facebook page. This helped the staff team with their mental health. The children loved to see the faces of their Nursery Teachers!

Keeping in touch with the Nursery Family

21 March 2020


Amongst all other worries, one big conversation within our team is how they are going to miss the children we may not see over this time 😪 We would love to keep up to date with your activities and how things are going, so please share these with us via your tapestry accounts 🥰  sending enormous amounts of love to all our families 😘

Stay safe everyone 🙏

Following Guidance LOCKDOWN

18 March 2020


As I’m sure you are all aware, tonight the announcement was made by the Government that all Local Authority Schools are closing from this Friday for most children.

As of Monday 23rd March the schools are only to remain open for the children of 'key workers' and those that are classed as vulnerable.

The early years sector was asked to follow this decision also

As it stands 'My Nursery' will remain OPEN to provide childcare under the above guidance of appropriate authorities unless stated otherwise.

Pen Friend

11 March 2020


The children in Polars room came across a name peg picture of one of their friends that moved away to a different county. It was lovely to hear them speaking of her and reminiscing their fellow friendship... so following their recent interests in kindness and writing they decided to write her a letter to see how she is settling! ✍  The children and adults spoke about what questions they might like to ask her and even did some of their very own pictures and fantastic writing!!

We emailed the family for their new address as the children wanted to put a stamp on and send it to her in the post!

💌 We are really excited to hear that she has now received the letter and we are hoping to become pen pals with her or her new nursery setting to support the childrens writing and imagination skills over this last term before they go to school!

What a lovely opportunity 😘

World Book Day Stay and Play Session

5 March 2020


Today we have had a lovely afternoon for our World Book Day stay and play session. We got the chance to meet so many lovely family's and watch them spending time reading and playing with their babies and children.

Helen from Diddy Signers was a star as always reading and signing 'we're going on a bear hunt'. 📖📚

Thank you to Helen and our lovely team for all your support as always 😘

Diddy Signers

Happy Pancake Day

25 February 2020


Happy Pancake Day 

🥞 🍴 🥞 🍴 🥞 🍴 🥞

We have have had a fantastic pancake filled day today! We have had had lots of conversations with the children, carried out lots of pancake play and pancake tasting across the nursery!

Syrup, fruit and chocolate spread seem to be firm favourites here!

How do you like yours?

Happy Valentines Day

14 February 2020


❤ Happy Valentine's Day ❤

Within their early years children start to make friends and build relationships with their peers. We know that friendship is important during the early years because this is the time they learn about the ‘give and take’ of relationships. By sharing experiences, feelings, and interacting with one another, children learn how to meet the social needs of others and of their own. They learn how to take turns, share, and include others at home or in their classroom. Doing what other children may want to do, understanding the way others may feel, and playing group games and participating in group activities, are some of the first things children do when learning how to build and develop friendships. At nursery we are supportive role models for this, we encourage children to be helpful, empathetic and kind towards one another and as a result their are some very sweet friendships that form! 😘



Childrens Mental Health Week

3 February 2020


This week is Children's Mental Health week ☺

At nursery we encourage children to talk about their emotions and let us know how they feel. We build strong relationships between children and practitioners to support children to feel safe and secure in their environment we encourage 😘 children to take risks, try something new and step out if their comfort zone to support them to persevere. The praise we offer helps children to gain confidence in everything they do. We have feelings areas where we encourage reflections, and a conversation station where children can go when they feel they would like to talk... alongside this, this week we will be supporting children to think about how they 'Find their Brave' 🦁

Here is how you can also support at home 😘



Chinese New Year

24 January 2020

Chinese New Year.jpg

Chinese New Year! 🎎🧧🥢🍜🥠

The children have really engaged in lots of learning opportunities this week. They visited the supermarket to buy ingredients for a chinese stir fry for cooking club, danced to chinese music, made their very own rice filled Chinese drums, made hand print dragons for their chinese new year display, painted lanterns hanging from the ceiling, created their own takeaway and restaurant, and practised their chop stick skills with noodle messy play! We are really looking forward to continuing to extend these experiences!! Look out for your childrens observations on tapestry and dont forget to upload their takeaway photos if you're lucky enough to enjoy some cheeky food tasting this weekend! 😜



Happy New Year

10 January 2020

Happy Place.jpg

We would like to send a very warm welcome to all the families who are settling into our happy place this week! 👫🏼👬👭 It has been a lovely first week of 2020 and memories are already being made 🥰

For those wanting to come and see what we offer, don't hesitate as we would love to meet you! ❤ and for those due to start over the next few weeks we cant wait to welcome you too! 🥳 Here's to an awesome 2020 at 'My Nursery' 🍼🥛🍪



Christmas Production

19 December 2019

Christmas Production.JPG

What a performance! Our pre school children did amazing in their nativity tonight!

They had fun, sang their little hearts out and showed off their makaton skills alongside our staff team and Helen from Diddy Signers!

Thank you so much to everyone for coming along!





13 December 2019


You’ll never guess who came to visit the children at nursery today!! 🎅🏼 Christmas dinner went down a treat too!! What a day 😍



Happy 102nd Birthday

20 November 2019

102nd Birthday.jpg

🎂 We would just like to say another extra special ⭐ Happy 102nd Birthday ⭐ to one of the residents at the care home we visit! It was lovely to celebrate with you yesterday! 🥰



Remembrance Day

12 November 2019

Remembrance Day.webp


Yesterday our children took part in activities for remembrance day. The children were shown a picture of a poppy which then let onto these activities. Our babies did some lovely hand print poppies and our toddlers used different materials to make theirs from paint to glue and paper. Our preschool children used potatoes to make theirs along with some finger painting for the centre of the poppy. During this time the children were engaged in conversation, showing an interest in the world that we live in today.

At 11am our staff respected the fallen soldiers over the years with a 2 minute silence. ❤



Fire Drill!

24 October 2019

Fire Drill.jpg

Our babies and toddlers did a perfect fire drill today! The alarm is very loud but with lots of practice our children and staff are fantastic at evacuating safely 🔥 well done everyone 🤩



Charity Funraising Day

6 October 2019

Superheroes & Princess day.jpg

We loved being princesses and super heroes for the day! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️👸🏼🤴🏽
Walking over to our pre school seeing the superheroes trying to save the day in the garden was inspiring 💪 Then hearing the sounds of the ❄ frozen ❄ soundtracks bursting from the speakers, whilst a lovely bunch of princesses sing at the top of their lungs 🎶 as they are doing their best spins... 💃🏻 well.... just magical! 🌟



Inter generational Visits

3 October 2019

Intergenerational Visit.jpg

👧🏼👶🏼👦🏽 Inter-generational visits 👵🏼👴🏽🧓🏻

We visit a local care home to support inter-generational play, this is an opportunity for the children and residents to enjoy music, stories, crafts, and a range of other activities together, alongside general socialising. Its extra special when we get to celebrate birthdays too! ⭐

The sessions hope to bring health and well-being benefits for the residents as well as developing empathy and communication skills within the children. Preschool have been visiting weekly since September and have already started to see the benefits of building some lovely relationships, it's especially nice to see faces of the elderly light up when we arrive. As it's going so well, our older toddlers have also started visits from this week. We would like to thank the care home for all their support and allowing us to share this experience.



Harvest Festival

11 September 2019


During this weeks cooking club we have been talking about Harvest 🌽 and how the farmers grow different crops 🥔 fruits 🍅🥭🍋 and vegetables 🥬🥕🥒🌶🥦 in their fields to provide different ingredients and foods.

We had a look at the ingredients we can use to make bread 🍞🥖🥨 and discussed where they come from before naming and exploring them all and making our very own bread rolls! We used our weighing scales to help Jess measure the correct quantity of ingredients, then used a big spoon to mix them all together into a dough so we could knead and shape it into bread rolls.

We took our dough into the kitchen and watched as an adult put them in the oven, we spoke about kitchen safety and about how ovens are very hot when they are on. 🔥

We used the timer ⏱ to tell us when our rolls should be ready then whizzed back over to the kitchen to see what they looked like 😯

Once the bread rolls had cooked in the oven, we let them cool and were then able to try them with a choice of butter, jam or cheese spread for snack time! 🍽

We used a knife to help spread our own topping and enjoyed them with a glass of cold milk 🥛🍶 that the farmer collects from the cows 🐄 to sell in the supermarket 💰

Farmers are very busy making food for us to buy and eat 🥯 and we feel very lucky to be able to try different foods.

We would like to donate some nice food and toiletries to help people who cant always buy their own, so will be collecting items for the food bank.

If you can help us by donating an item or two please feel free to drop them into the office area so the children can deliver them at the end of September.

Any help is much appreciated so thank you in advance for your support. 🥰



Makaton Training

22 August 2019

makaton training.jpg

🌟 Come and play the makaton way 🌟

Our team really enjoyed makaton training last night and it's been lovely to see them practice today too!

Helen from Diddy Signers will be running sessions from My Nursery on a monday morning and to help families get involved we would like to invite you to come along and join in!



Preschool Graduation 2019

14 August 2019

Graduation Night 2019.png

Wow what a send off!

Tonight our Big Bears preschool class 2019 attended a special graduation ceremony at The Eden House Hotel. We would like to thank The Eden House Hotel for having us.

The children first enjoyed a party, with songs, games, smiles and laughter, before inviting in their parents to join the celebrations.


Each child was presented with a personalised gift bag and medal. The children then performed their group song 'You've got a friend in me' and then watched an emotional slide show showing their journey throughout their time at 'My Nursery'.

Manager Roxanne Warner said: “We would like to thank all of the families for their continued support.”



Panda Bears Room Little Jacks Farm Visit

18 July 2019

Little Jacks Farm Visit.png

Today our Panda Bears Room made an end of term trip to Little Jack's Farm! The children all travelled on a minibus to the farm in Bottesford.

We would like to thank Little Jack's farm for having us, we saw lots of different animals, including goats, sheep, pigs, cows, rabbits, donkeys, horses and lots more. We were able to feed the goats, chickens and donkeys. We stroked the rabbits and looked out for the guinea pigs and hamsters. We spoke about where the different animals live and what they eat for their food.

We then visited the garden centre where the children planted their own sunflower seeds to take home. We learnt about recycling and how we can recycle different containers and make them into flower pots.

We then joined together for a nice picnic in the garden before exploring the different play areas available at the farm. 
The staff were great, the children loved it.


Butterfly Release

28 June 2019

Butterfly Release.png

The children have been so excited looking after the caterpillars and waiting for them to turn into butterflies this month.


Today we have released them into the garden.


The children sat nicely to watch as the butterflies slowly walked out of their home and onto the flowers before flying away.


Some of the children held the butterflies before they flew away.

The children talked about the butterflies, helping to count their legs and noticed the different colours on their wings.


Visit from the Grantham Fire Service

24 June 2019

Fire Service Visit.png

Today we enjoyed a visit from the Grantham fire and rescue service. They showed the children around the fire engine and told the children what each piece of equipment was used for and when they would use it. We enjoyed counting the ladders on top of the fire engine and all of the hosepipes within the fire engine. We then watched how quick it was for a firefighter to change into their firefighting gear. We all then stood at the front of the fire engine and had our picture taken with all the fire crew. At the end of the visit the children took it in turns one by one to stand with the fireman and use hose and were able to spray the water into the distance the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit.


Easter Bonnet Competition

April - Easter 2019

Easter Bonnet Competition.png

For Easter this year the children made an Easter bonnet at home with their parents and then brought them into nursery where they were entered into a competition.

Once all of the bonnets were at nursery each child voted for their favourite. The winning bonnet from each of our 4 room was then presented with an Easter egg prize.


World Book Day

7 March 2019

Library trip.jpg

For world book day the children and staff enjoyed dressing up as a character from their favourite book. Children were able to bring in their book from home and then shared them with there friends.

Following world book day we had lots of children in our pre school panda group showing an interest in new stories, they have been recognising the characters their friends dressed as and have been looking out for them in our nursery books. So we decided to go for a little trip to the library! The children loved it, we spoke about our golden rules and how they can use them to safely get to and from the library, we read some lovely books in the library and the children used great listening skills to enable them to reflect on what happened in the stories. They enjoyed it so much we had lots of “just one more pleeeeease!” before heading back to nursery!


Pre School Christmas Concert

 13 December 2018

PSR Nativity.jpg

We would like to to say a massive thank you to all the family members that came along to our pre school nativity tonight at St Anne’s church!
Their first one 😍 sat in front of 180+ people in the audience and they sang their little hearts out!
It was a lovely little performance and gosh for such little people their concentration and efforts on rehearsals and ‘the big day’ has been amazing!
Thank you to all the parents for the amazing outfits and for all your support as always!
We all feel super proud!

Little Lions Halloween Party

26 October 2018

Halloween Pic.png

Our Little Lions held a Halloween stay and play session. We had parents and children come along to enjoy a sensory session where they could explore the environment and different resources related to Halloween. There was tricks involved when they discovered the spiders in the shaving foam webs and the pumpkin messy play went down a treat! Decorating the biscuits with icing and Halloween sweeties was of course another favourite as always! 

stay and play sessions are a great way for you to be involved in your child's learning and development alongside it being a great way to discuss and collaborate with key workers. Our next stay and play session will be a Christmas event, so come along and join us!

Big Bears Food Bank Trip

5 October 2018

Food Bank Pic.png

The Big Bears took a trip to the food bank where they delivered the donations they bought in as part of our harvest festival topic. We discussed with the children how we can help others by making sure everyone has food to keep their tummy's full! Altogether we donated 36kg of food that can help bless over 10 households! We thank you all for your support.

Macmillan Coffee & Cake Morning

29 September 2018


At our Macmillan coffee and cake morning we raised a grand total of £275.50!!

All our team worked hard to bake some delicious cakes to support this worthy cause! We had a variety of activities going on such as a decorate your own cake table 🎂 , a tombola with lots of prizes 🎟 guess the name of the teddy bear 🐻 and a bouncy castle 🦕
All of our rooms and outdoor area were open for visitors to explore and members of our team were on hand to show everyone around our setting.

Jo Jingles also came along too to provide a fun, music and movement class for all the children. We are now running Jo Jingles classes on a weekly basis. To find out more about Jo Jingles click Here.  

Zoo Lab Visit

25 September 2018

zoo lab.png

On Tuesday 25th September Zoolab made their visit to My Nursery. The event was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the children. The ranger took the children on an 'animal hunt' (similar to 'We're going on a bear hunt' 🐻 😊). The children met a gecko, snake, snail and many more. Pictures will be available soon.

If you would like to find out more about Zoolab then click Here.

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